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Whether it’s time for replacements and repairs or time for the installation of new telephone entry systems, Scarborough ON locksmiths are at your service. One of the advantages of choosing our company for all relevant services is our expertise in all types of telephone entry systems.

  •          Residential telephone entry systems. They are ideal for houses, residential buildings, and gated communities. Visitors dial the number of the sought resident and they either deny or grant access.
  •          Basic keypad entry systems. Visitors call the resident or enter a code on a keypad to gain access.
  •          Commercial telephone entry systems. They often have more features, like allowing you to control multiple entry points and managing access.
  •          Telephone entry systems with camera. In addition to having audio communication, you also have visual communication via a camera.

These are only a few of the choices. There are telephone entry systems for multi-resident units, with biometrics, the integration of smartphone apps, and more. They can be cellular or IP-based. The important thing is that our team at Locksmith Service Scarborough is not only experienced with all such systems but also with all relevant services.

Installation and service for telephone entry systems in Scarborough

Whatever you need for telephone entry systems in Scarborough properties in Ontario, let our team take over. Since we have experience with all systems & services, you can count on us at all times.

  •          Book telephone entry systems installation to have control over access and be able to communicate with your visitors quickly and effortlessly.
  •          Let us know if you want your old telephone entry intercom replaced with a more advanced system. Or, if the current system is broken or damaged and must be changed ASAP.
  •          Are you having some problems with the communication – visual or audio? Let us send a pro out to do the necessary repairs.
  •          Of course, you can have tiny issues fixed and the system maintained, ensuring its flawless operation for a very long time.

No matter which system you have or what system you want, reach our team. Choose us in spite of the service needed. Our expertise, knowledge, and availability make a difference. Ready to discuss your needs for a new installation? Need another service for existing Scarborough telephone entry systems? Why don’t you give us a call or send us a message? We are ready to serve.